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Here's additional reading for anyone who saw me on @TheDailyShow from @EricEyre https://t.co/rUk4o2VZE1 & @johntemplebooks https://t.co/cjzdhqiOGP ; https://t.co/S45gIg0T0b AND host your own screening of #HeroineNetflix using our resource guide https://t.co/G47GI5ZOtk https://t.co/hiF946KFxy

Thnx @davemistich & @wvpublic for feat #HeroineNetflix Listen to the intvw where I talk about why I made this film https://t.co/Dy8PXQt1pr

“How did we get here?”
*removes humanities requirement from gen eds*
“How were we supposed to know?” *cancels humanities courses*
“They never taught us this in schools!”
*gives all new tenure lines to STEM* https://t.co/CUfD4BD4Uz

There’s more to #Appalachia than @HillbillyElegy. Thanks to Appalachian Studies Network @OhioState for including my Tribune piece in this handy graphic!

Constitution Pipeline: 'The Keystone Pipeline of Natural Gas' https://t.co/RsauqsrrEg

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